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What’s Hot in the Bathroom!  The Top 10 Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2016 

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Each new year brings an emphasis on new styles, innovation, and design in the world of remodeling.  Here’s our take on the top 10 trends for bathroom remodels in 2016!  Which of these changes is your bathroom ready for?

  1. Cool Colors — White on white is still the light and bright choice, but gray is a close second.  Beige and tan-tones are starting to look dated, so be careful if you want a warmer look.  Try using bamboo tiles or a wood floor to achieve the warmth instead of a beige paint.  Black and white bathrooms with a vintage or modern flair are also making a come back!
  2. Heated Floors — This small luxury is becoming more and more common — and why not, since it can save homeowners money on their heating bill!  Stepping onto a warm bathroom floor on a cold winter day is a trend worth considering.
  3. Subway Tile — While subway tile is nothing new, its prominence in the modern day bathroom is on the rise.  Not only does subway tile offer a look of lasting elegance, it’s affordable and durable too.  White and slate gray are amongst the most popular tile colors for 2016.
  4. Mixed Metals — On the rise for a few years now, mixed metals used in one space have become fully mainstream.  Create an eclectic and high-end look by using cabinetry handles in one color and faucets in another.  Warm and vintage tones are especially popular.
  5. Innovative Lighting — Bathroom lighting is no longer just practical —  selecting lights that are fun and attractive is becoming a bigger deal.  Whether it’s a chandelier in the bathroom or colorful pendant drop-downs, find something you love and make it a feature of the room!  Take a peek at some of these interesting lighting options featured on HGTV.
  6. Technological Features — From smart-flush toilets (like these) that even scour and clean the bowl on their own, to water-resistant music systems, technology has entered the bathroom and it’s not going anywhere.
  7. Fog-No-More — Yep, anti-fog bathroom mirrors are a thing.  Say goodbye to the nuisance of a foggy bathroom mirror thanks to the availability of this handy product.
  8. Elaborate Showers — Steam showers, walk-in showers, digitally controlled showerheads, you name it.  Showering is now a luxury in and of itself, and luxury shower features are becoming more and more available.
  9. Focal Points — While the bathroom has long been the most practical room of the house, style matters more and more.  Create a focal point in the room to give it an identity of its own — whether it’s an interesting mirror, a tile backsplash display, or those stunning pendant lights.
  10. Storage Solutions — From innovative cabinetry to open-shelves, homeowners are not overlooking the need for storage and the creative ways to make this happen.  Check out these fun bathroom storage ideas featured on Houzz!

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