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Trend Spotting: Playing with Tile

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As a company that often specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels, we install a lot of tiles. Trends are a dynamic, evolving aspect of interior design. Throughout each era, different elements seem to rotate having their moment in the sun. Right now, that popular, trend-setting material is tile. You cannot peruse a magazine, browse online, or watch HGTV without encountering it. Subway tile, in particular, has become a force in kitchen and bathroom interiors!

We love helping our clients refresh their homes, and tile can be a fantastic way to create distinct looking spaces. Among its other virtues, tile can be a more cost-effective method to update any area. On the other side of the spectrum, tiles are also ornate, one-of-a-kind, and extravagant at times. As they’ve risen in popularity, more and more varieties are available to match any taste. If you’re looking to spice up your space with tile, consider one of the following ideas!

Bold Patterns. Obviously, patterns are a result of any tile project; they are repeating shapes after all! However, adding new tile is the perfect opportunity to play with pattern. If you’re looking to go with a more elaborate pattern, we highly suggest researching online first. Everything ranging from herringbone to basket weave, pinwheel to checkerboard patterns, you’ll be amazed at all the styles you have to choose from!

Interesting Textures. As pictured in the beautiful bathroom above, tile is available in all sorts of original textures now. Whether you’re interested in minimal, natural styles or prefer a more modern, daring vibe, from bold shapes to intricate details, there are countless options available to try!

Bright Colors. Last but not least, color is another huge element to consider. Pops of color are a wildly popular trend at the moment. Subtle neutral tones like beige and gray are also incredibly ubiquitous. Color is a powerful tool for establishing the mood in any room; it can bring energy or facilitate tranquility. Tile is an excellent spot to incorporate color and carry out the vibe of your space – be sure to take advantage of it!

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