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Three Unique Features That Will Set Your New Kitchen Apart

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Renn-3Remodeling your kitchen?  Excitement is in the air!  This is your chance — to not only get the updated, practical kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, but to add that wow-factor too.  After all, if you’re going to invest the time and money into this new space, you want the finished product to be truly amazing.

Adding unique elements to your kitchen remodel isn’t just about the end result – selecting an exciting feature that you know you’ll especially adore will help fuel your motivation through the entire remodeling process!

Ready to hear more?  Here are 3 unique features that might just set your new kitchen a step above the rest:

  • A Kitchen Fireplace –  Once a home-cooking standard, fireplaces have long been replaced by the modern day stove and other cooking conveniences.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t add the charm of a fireplace to your kitchen! Whether it’s a small stone hearth (fire-grilled pizza anyone?) or a built-in beauty that steals the show of the room, a kitchen fireplace will give you even more reason to enjoy the heart of your home.  Find inspiration for a kitchen fireplace of your own with these ideas from houzz.com.
  • A Breakfast Nook – Waking up can be hard.  Waking up to a breakfast nook?  Less hard!  Make each morning special with a cozy space designated for reading, munching, and enjoying a relaxing breakfast or easy-going meal.  Whether it’s a sit-in area with a wrap around bench and table, or simply a small portion of your countertop set aside, it’s hard not to find fun in this.  Get even more creative with a cereal bar, coffee area, or create-your-own-waffle station. Peak at these savvy food storage ideas to get creative, and this collection of images for breakfast nook inspiration via hgtv.
  • In-Genius Storage – Your cabinets can be more than practical, they can be awe-inspiring too.  From utilizing your kitchen island in a non-traditional way to adding cabinetry with super-cool features, you can branch out from the norm.  In addition to pull-out drawers for your pantry, or a hidden surface for your mixer, try adding a chalkboard for young kids on the side of your kitchen island, or creating a space for your pet under a cabinet cubby.  Let the creative juices flow… here are 23 more kitchen storage solutions sure to get you excited!

Great ideas?  We think so!  But as you make your own kitchen remodel decisions, think about what unique feature or two will make you smile day after day as you enjoy the thrill of your new kitchen!

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