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Three Reasons Why You Really Want That Kitchen Island

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Renn-5_cropSo you’re ready to remodel your kitchen! There are lots of things on your “must include” list, but if a kitchen island isn’t one of them, get ready to think again.

Here are three reasons why we think you’ll be adding the oasis of a kitchen island to the top of your list:

1. Versatility – So many uses for one surface.

    • Prep & Storage: Whether your coffee pot needs a new or you just need more dinner-party prep space, you’ll never regret the valuable asset of extra counterspace, not to mention all of the new cabinet space that comes with it.
    • People-Friendly: Quick breakfast at the island? Check. A lounge area for entertaining? Check. Extra seating for your teenagers’ friends? Check. Kitchen islands make great gathering areas, and the bar stools that surround them can be versatile on their own.
    • Home Office Hub: Your kitchen is grand central station. A kitchen island can be your hub. Well beyond food, kitchen islands are versatile spaces for homework time, laptop usage, and a popular central hang-out spot for the whole family.

2. Innovation — Your idea of creative kitchen storage? Take it up a notch.

    • Organization & Storage: Innovative pull-out cabinetry has made kitchen storage better than ever, and kitchen islands are a great way to access this.  From pull-out drawers to garbage-bin cabinets, warming drawers to microwave nooks, you’d be surprised what an island can hold. There’s no doubt — a little organization can make your life a lot simpler.
    • Unexpected Options: Think pet feeding stations (adorable and practical) and kid-friendly play areas (chalkboard edges, pull-out painting bins) and more! Take a peek at these outside-the-box kitchen islands featured by Better Homes & Gardens.

3. Beauty & Style – Give your statement-making kitchen a focal point.

    • Surface Style: Have you seen the beautiful countertops they make these days? From stunning granite and beautiful Cambria to rustic butcher block, give your kitchen the glow it deserves.
    • Decorative Haven: A kitchen island can be a statement-making aesthetic piece in your home.  When paired with drop-down lighting, bright colored seating, or a decorative display, you’ll be thrilled to walk into a haven of beauty each and every day.

Moved that kitchen island to the top of your list?  Get inspired by checking out these 99 inspiring kitchen islands ideas shared by hgtv – one might just be the perfect fit for your home!

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