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The Pink Bathroom – A Trend of the 1950’s

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Each decade of home design is often defined by its most dominant trend. No style seems to encapsulate the sunny optimism of the 50’s more than the bright pink bathroom. Pastels were all the rage in the mid-century, from cars, to appliances, to clothing, they were everywhere. But the Easter egg colored bathroom truly outpaced the competition. To this day we bet you can name at least one friend or family member that has a pastel porcelain palace in their home.

Did you know that the pastel pink bathroom is actually attributed to President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s wife? Coined as “First Lady Pink”, Mamie Eisenhower was said to adore the color, her husband even sent her flowers in the shade every morning. After coming to The White House, Mrs. Eisenhower re-decorated her family’s entire living space in pink, the color was so iconic that reporters began calling The White House the “Pink Palace”.

Following the end of World War II, many women left their jobs and returned to homemaking in droves. Caring for house and home became more than just a wife’s responsibility at the time, it was elevated to an art form. It only seems logical then that decorating trends followed suit and became strikingly feminine. The house was thought of as the woman’s domain, and so it reflected her distinct taste and style.

June Cleaver may confiscate our pearls for saying this, but we must agree with our client, it’s time give this pink lady a fresh look. We can’t wait to show you this bathroom transformation – be sure to check back in the coming months to see an update of the finished project!

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