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Tearing Down Walls: DIY or Don’t?

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Open floor plans are currently all the rage, which often leads to one thing: tearing down walls. When it comes to rearranging layouts, it can be hard to decipher whether or not to DIY. For those that are not particularly inclined towards handiness, it’s an easy choice, N-O. However, if you’re always game to tackle a new project, then taking down a wall is a tempting challenge!

So, a fork in the road remains: send in the pros or start making plans? First off, we have to stress; not all walls are created equal. Take it from us; in some homes, you honestly don’t know what you’ll find until you get things opened up. If you’re contemplating to do or do not that DIY, we recommend taking the following factors into account:

Number of Stories. Removing a wall in a one-story home is vastly different than removing one in a two-story. Structural concerns become a major player if your wall is carrying the weight of another floor. Assessing whether or not a wall is load-bearing is not as simple as it sounds. And if you’re unsure, be sure to get a professional’s advice.

Matching Floors and Ceilings. Another potential issue when joining previously separated rooms is conflicting designs and finishes. If your home doesn’t have cohesive or complimentary design themes, then suddenly putting two spaces together could get clunky. Don’t forget to take wood floors, ceiling finishes, paint colors, and other accents into consideration.

Hidden Surprises. Perhaps the largest factor to contend with anytime you start ripping down walls is what you find inside them. From gas lines to electrical wires to HVAC vents, a lot of your home’s vital systems could be at stake. If you don’t feel equipped to take on those types of tasks, then enlist outside help.

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