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Remodeling Questions: What Makes J. Carsten Different?

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As the end of January nears, we’re thinking about those of you still deliberating about that 2018 remodel. We know how intimidating this first phase of the process can feel. Your mind is swirling with questions about what you want, who to work with, where to look for answers, what you can afford, and how to get the ball rolling…

We recently blogged our preliminary advice on preparing for your next remodel. This week we want to talk more about working with the right team. It goes without saying that we think our crew is the best in the business! Instead of just leaving it at that though, we wanted to share what makes the J. Carsten team different than other remodelers. Below are the hallmarks of a J. Carsten remodeling client experience.

Small Company, Big Experience
J. Carsten is an intentionally small business. We take the time to build relationships with each of our clients, and we treat your home like it’s our own. Our owner Jason isn’t just a figurehead; he’s on-site, managing projects, making decisions, and communicating with clients every day. However, our size doesn’t mean we don’t take our work seriously. Jason is a NARI certified kitchen & bath remodeler (CKBR) and former chapter President, a four-time NARI Contractor of the Year award-winner, a three-time NARI ACE award-winner, and multiple Houzz Badge recipient.

Detailed Plans, Clear Expectations
A good remodeling contractor is a good planner – the two go hand in hand. Frankly, if you meet a potential contractor and they show early signs of disorganization, (such as bad follow-through, poor time management, vague processes, or lacking references), then you should reconsider working together. We pride ourselves on being detail oriented remodelers. Our process is laid out on our website, and we provide every client with exhaustive schedules, clear expectations, and open communication if changes should arise.

On Budget, On Time
Another trademark of a solid contractor is the ability to maintain a budget and timeline. You can create the most beautiful spaces around, but if you can’t honor your client’s money and timing, then you’re still coming up short. Remodeling is all about balancing different plates at the same time and managing resources. Jason bends over backward to get things right for his clients while making the process easy and smooth. He personally oversees each project to ensure potential problems are addressed and that results are delivered in budget and on time.

Serious Work Ethic, Fun Attitude
Jason may have a detailed and practiced work ethic, but he also has a very lighthearted spirit. If you follow our blog or Facebook page regularly, then you know Jason doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s always posting goofy photos of himself and trying to make life more fun. Choosing someone who will work in your home is a big deal. Jason has the skills and background to manage your project expertly, along with a positive demeanor to help lighten the stressful parts of remodeling. Bonus point? He also loves being around people’s furry friends!

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