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Q&A: Spring Remodelers Showcase Recap

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The Spring Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase is over, and our owner Jason had a fantastic weekend! His highlights of these open house weekends are connecting with new and old friends, and getting lots of informative feedback. It’s always fun to hear people’s questions and discover their observations about the industry and weekend as a whole. Read on below for our Q&A with Jason!

What are your favorite visitor comments?

  • The J. Carsten team was inviting and personable
  • Everyone thought the kitchen looked fantastic – our clients’ have great taste!
  • People liked having a chair available for taking off their shoes – it’s the simple things, right?
  • Vistors enjoyed seeing a home at a more approachable price point (not a million dollars or more)

What’s the most common question you received? 

  • A lot of people inquired about how to upgrade their Oak kitchen cabinets. Oak cabinets were a pretty standard builder grade construction material in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. However, the style has fallen out of fashion lately. Plus, the cabinets are often not the best quality.
  • On nearly every job, we deal with oak. It is not feasible to remove all oak from a home – even in my own house! We pick and choose which areas to replace and then choose complimentary items for the floor, cabinets, and wall colors to work with the Oak. For a window in the kitchen, for example, we will typically replace the casing around the window. But for the rest of the house, the Oak stays, and the new trim for the kitchen butts up to the oak. (See an example space below.)

Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit, tour, and hang out during The Spring Remodelers Showcase. It was a pleasure meeting all of you!e

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