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Q&A: Preparing for Your Summer Remodel

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Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s almost time for backyard barbeques, weekends at the cabin, and bonfires under the stars. However, if you’re planning a major remodel soon, then your vision for the summer may be much less relaxing.

While a renovation requires a little strategy, it certainly doesn’t have to disrupt the summer fun! It’s all about creating a plan, adjusting expectations, and getting prepared. Want a game-plan to build off of? Read our answers to common questions below.

How Do We Kid-Proof our Project?
Our crew does everything in our power to keep your family safe – it’s part of our job. But, anything you can do to support our efforts is always appreciated. We’ll get things cleaned up, put away, and kid-friendly (as much as possible) at the end of each day.

Your part comes in once we’re gone. Talk to little ones about how to stay safe, set-up barriers, and let them know what spaces and object are off-limits.

Should We Plan for Furry Friends?
We love people’s pets and do our best to accommodate them. However, your dogs and cats probably shouldn’t be wandering through an active construction site.

We recommend crating or sequestering animals while we’re at work – that way they’re accounted for and out of harm’s way.

What Should We Store Temporarily?
Storage needs depend on what area you’re remodeling and the extensiveness of your project. If you’re gutting the entire kitchen, then your fancy dishware is going to need a new home.

Across the board, we’d also say to store anything delicate, like family heirlooms, you wouldn’t want around the chaos of construction.

How Do We Live in a Building Zone?
Not surprisingly, we get this question a lot! The first step is acceptance (haha), your house isn’t going to be normal for a little while. But, remember, the light at the end of this tunnel is your newly improved home!

We think the secrets to staying sane are lots of open communication with our team and taking breaks from the construction zone as needed.

What are Tips for Eating During a Kitchen Remodel?
Kitchen remodels might be the most disruptive of any project – we all need to eat, right? Our advice is to go in with a plan.

Set-up a temporary kitchen; meal prep a stash of crock pot dinners; stockpile paper products; grill outside as much as possible; and embrace the break from cooking and go out to eat a bit more than usual.

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