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Q&A: NARI Presidential Duties

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One of our goals this year is to share more blogs that allow clients, old and new, to learn more about J. Carsten’s owner, Jason Myrlie. Our first post included Jason’s professional history and a few fun personal facts, for instance, his abiding love for Carbone’s pizza. For our second installment, we wanted to ask Jason more about his recent NARI Presidential appointment!

Read on below to learn more about The National Association of the Remodeling Industry and Jason’s past and present involvement with the organization.


How long have you been involved with your local NARI chapter? I attended the COTY Awards banquet as a guest in 2010. During that evening, after seeing several winners I said to myself, I have projects as good as those. I joined; and during the next banquet, I was awarded three COTY awards myself!

Why do you think NARI is valuable to contractors/consumers? Construction industry professionals are often perceived to be storm chasers or guys with trucks. However, those of us who are professionals become members of NARI to learn from our colleagues, teach others, and better our industry. Choosing a NARI professional means you are collaborating with someone who adheres to a code of ethics and remains active within our industry.

How did you become NARI President? As the board looks for new members to take over leadership, they search for people who are passionate about the industry. Past presidents had come from associate members (non-contractors) and some larger firms. The board thought it would be good to have a leader from a small company to provide a different perspective.

What does your position entail – what new duties does your title include? I am responsible for the direction the association takes for the year. I lead the executive committee, which leads the other committee activities and sets goals for the organization.

What was your first official “Presidential” action? The term started in December. We begin with a board retreat, an all day meeting where members discuss objectives for the year, how to measure those goals, and which ones take priority.

What do you hope to accomplish during your term as President? I want to define the face of NARI. I hope to demonstrate what NARI means to contractors, why they should belong, and what NARI means to consumers and why they should hire a NARI professional.

Any other fun details or stories to include about being NARI President? I have a NARI President sash. A fellow member made it thinking I wouldn’t wear it; she was incorrect.

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