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Q&A: All About Pets!

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Preparing for any remodel involves a lot of planning, schedules, and precautions. J. Carsten’s owner, Jason, prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of the people who call his job-sites home first and foremost. That includes accommodating his homeowner’s furry friends – they’re part of the family too after all!

Over the years, Jason has collected quite a few interesting stories and photos of different client pets. We decided to investigate how he manages to work in an animal’s domain and has earned the reputation as a pet-friendly remodeler. Read on below to hear all about how Jason plans around people’s four-legged friends and tames wild beasts (or mostly just pets puppies)!

How do you handle having pets around the job site?
I love them and squeeze them and hold them and pet them… just kidding! I ask the homeowners to arrange for pets to be locked up during remodels – especially cats. Usually, dogs can hang out if they can retreat to a fenced yard.

Are there any pets you can’t allow on the job site?
Giraffes, lions.

How do you get yourself in each pet’s “good graces”? 
Animals flock to me like Ace Ventura; mostly I pet them, and they like me from there.

Does your team of trade partners mind working around pets?
We do our best accommodate people’s animals. However, we never guarantee we won’t lose track of pets; we can’t watch them every moment and work efficiently.

Have you ever designed anything around a client’s pets?
Not specifically. Most people thought that sink below was for washing a dog, but the homeowner wanted it to clean off her young boys’ feet! For one kitchen remodel, we did take extra space into account to make room for large dogs that loved to snooze in the way of everything.

Are there any particular safety precautions you take to keep pets out of harm’s way?
Plastic barries on sites stop dogs from getting into trouble. However, nothing but a door stops a cat!

What’s your favorite aspect of working in homesites with pets? 
It feels like home. I have a dog and a cat, so I understand what homeowners go through with their pets.

Can you share a few of your favorite client pet stories?
I was doing work inside and outside of a home in Burnsville. I left to get some materials and came back to find the dog gone! I knew it tended to hide in the house, but after thirty minutes of looking frantically everywhere, I was having no luck. I finally called the homeowner to explain what happened. He said his mother had stopped by and grabbed the dog earlier. Whew – I was flooded with relief!

Below are a few more shots of the sweet pets Jason’s had the pleasure of meeting through his work!

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