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Project Feature: Quarter Sawn Oak Kitchen

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When Vince and Jackie enlisted us to give their kitchen a freshly updated look in just four shorts weeks, in time for their annual spring Kentucky Derby party, we said, challenge accepted! The overarching goals for the space were to open up the floor plan, increase the room’s exposure to natural light, and re-locate the fridge to reduce entertaining traffic jams.

We got down to work right away, starting with the removal of the soffits above the cabinets (which resulted in finding a critter’s skeleton!), tearing up old tile, removing the creaky oak floors, and wiring for new lighting galore. The old kitchen was quite dark, so we made sure to add lights wherever possible, which included overheard cans and under cabinet lighting.

Besides the tight timeline, the greatest challenge of this project was finding a new home for the refrigerator. The most logical adjustment was along the wall where the double ovens previously resided, which meant the new fridge had to be a cabinet depth model to avoid hanging out awkwardly. While a smaller fridge was a slight concession, the owners agreed that the new spot made more sense for the room’s overall flow.

We’re very proud of how this speedy project turned out – our team always does top-notch work! Our favorite touches? The custom quarter sawn oak cabinets in a nutmeg glaze, and the special power actuator operated garbage that opens by bumping the door with your knee – it’s so fun!








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