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Project Feature: Natural and Modern Bathroom

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We enjoy working with homeowners on every sort of project, but we must admit, there is something special about creating spaces with bold and challenging design elements. Never ones to shy away from a difficult task, we relish the opportunity to find new and innovative building solutions. Which is why we jumped at the chance to transform this client’s pastel pink, 1950’s era bathroom into the sophisticated space pictured above.

Used as a second guest bathroom, the client’s decided to approach the space as more of a show piece. Since the room’s day-to-day functionality was less of a concern, we all felt free to push ourselves creatively. One major design theme throughout the space was the mixture of classic and modern styles. From the start, the client wanted to incorporate a free standing tub with exposed pipes, but with a modern twist.

Our greatest project triumph was finishing the tile walls. After carefully planning, ordering, and waiting for the Italian tile to arrive, we discovered that the supplier had not shipped enough to cover the walls floor to ceiling. Since we had already waited nine weeks for the shipment’s delivery, delaying the project further was not an option. We experimented with possible solutions, and after a lot of thought, we all decided to install a non-tile trim at the wall’s base. Thankfully, this left just enough tile to cover the walls!

Although it took a little extra problem-solving, we are thrilled with how this serene bathroom came together. The minimal style paired with the natural tones, textures, and shapes echoed throughout the space feel effortless and one of a kind.





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