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Maximizing Your Bathroom Storage!

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Beyond updated style, our clients’ most common goal for any bathroom remodel is improved storage. While bathroom aesthetics are fun to focus on, above all they’re inherently functional spaces. Day in and out, they are the center of our routines and rituals. Not only that, they’re often used by multiple family members with varying wants and needs.

For example, spouses often have wildly different bathroom storage priorities. Her hope may be an organized area to store styling tools and beauty products, while his chief concern might be having easy access to everyday necessities. No worries; an experienced contractor can help you find smart solutions!

Our expert team has created many beautiful and practical bathrooms for families over the years. Throughout the process, we’ve discovered the best methods for maximizing bathroom storage – read more about our favorite features below!


Styling Tools Space. Often hidden in a vanity or drawer, this solution is always a winner. Straighteners, hair dryers, and curling irons dominate counter space – give them a permanent home! Even better? Add a dedicated outlet to make things even more simplified!


Open Shelving. This brilliant idea is the best of both worlds; it looks lovely and offers easy access. Open shelving creates a welcoming, spa-like, atmosphere. It’s the perfect way to have what you need at arm’s length, and an opportunity to add decorative accents!

Pitzer Bath 1

His and Hers Vanities. Honestly, is there any bathroom trend more universally appreciated than his and hers vanities? A little separation of space goes a long way towards mitigating future conflicts. Designating specific areas can also speed up a couple’s morning routine. Just think, no more crowding around a cramped single sink!


Built-In Shower Storage. When increased organization is your goal, built-in storage is always a good start. Showers are magnets for clutter and endless beauty products. Instead of purchasing organizers that are prone to unattractive rust and soap scum, incorporate shelving that matches your shower’s style.

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