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Kitchen Updates with Lasting Value

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When it comes to major remodeling projects that grow property values, the kitchen is king. According to the NARI Remodeling Impact Survey, kitchen renovations ranks highest as both the most appealing interior project to potential homebuyers and the upgrade most likely to increase resale value.

Between the popularity of kitchen trends and their prominence in open-concept floorplans, more and more of our new clients are planning kitchen transformations. Our team loves to demo and modernize any space; however, we do believe certain upgrades provide more bang for your buck! If you are beginning a kitchen remodel in the future, then we would like to offer the following advice.

Invest in Solid Cabinetry. When you get down to it, your cabinets are the largest element of your kitchen, they surround and support everything else. If the cabinetry is cheap or crafted poorly, your kitchen is probably going to be less efficient, appealing, and user-friendly. Be sure to avoid skimping on quality cabinets – you won’t regret it!

More Storage is Always Better. Another less outwardly glamorous update, smart storage is another vital kitchen design ingredient. Well-designed pantries, spice racks, appliance garages or other custom storage solutions gives spaces an extra level of polish and practicality.

Remedy Layout Issues. It doesn’t matter how many beautiful finishes you choose; the most top-of-the-line countertop cannot fix a terrible floor plan. A potential buyer would certainly enjoy those Cambria countertops, but we still think your home will appeal to a larger audience if you invest in bettering the overall spatial flow first.

Tread Lightly with Trends. We know trends are incredibly fun, however, if your aim is reselling we urge you to approach them with caution. It’s not that you can’t use trends at all, our advice would simply be to steer clear of anything too bold, risky, new, or dramatic. Stick to styles that will appeal to the broadest audience or trends that are more established.

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