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How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor

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The hunt for a remodeling contractor is like discovering a quality mechanic; once you find someone you trust, you’ll stick with them for the long haul. Much like a car, your home is one of your largest financial investments. Choosing a contractor should be more than just a leap of faith; you should feel confident and excited about the person working on your home! Wondering where to start when it comes to finding the right remodeler? Read our top four pieces of advice for scouting out a company for your next big home improvement project.

Get Recommendations. Referrals are still the most tried and true method to begin any contractor search. Gather information, names, and advice from people in your circle of friends and family. A successful remodeler should have plenty of happy clients that are willing to sing their praises!

Research Online. One of the great benefits of the internet age is that most information is basically a search engine click away! Get on Google, Houzz, and your local National Association of the Remodeling Industry chapter website. Lookup sites for any referrals you’ve received; a well maintained online presence speaks volumes about a contractor’s organization and business management skills.

Check Credentials. A pro remodeler should have all of the licenses and insurance that their state requires; no exceptions. When interviewing potentials candidates, ask about their experience managing building permits and dealing with local municipal standards. City compliance standards can be complicated, a good contractor will guide the process and save you a lot of headaches.

Check References. One thing remains true about any successful contractor: they’re pretty busy. While you may not get a hold of most contractors on your first try (running a job site is time consuming), neglecting to respond at all is never a good sign. Another bad omen? Being unwilling to provide credible references. Finding a contractor is essentially like hiring a temporary employee. Don’t be shy about asking hard questions; you should feel comfortable with the person you let into your home!

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