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How Do J. Carsten Remodeling and Interior Designer Partners Create Amazing Spaces?

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remodeled bathroom with interior design

Have you ever wanted to know more about the J. Carsten Remodeling process? Today we’re sharing some of the specifics of how Jason and his interior design partners collaborate to create stunning spaces!

When it comes to spatial planning, everything is done in-house by Jason. As a Certified Kitchen & Bath Remodeler, he’s studied the art of designing a kitchen or bathroom space, which means knowing the correct feature locations.

In a kitchen:

  • Consider the work triangle – the relationship between the sink, range, and fridge
  • Ensuring major appliances do not interfere with one another
  • Carefully planning cabinet, drawer, and pantry designs
  • Lighting strategy – do you need recessed cans or undercabinet lighting?

In a bathroom:

  • Vanity design – creating ample countertop space for both husband and wife to co-exist peacefully
  • Shower features – maximize your shower through additional heads, a bench, or a recessed niche
  • Bathtub placement – finding the ideal spot in the bathroom for your tub to live

Any design would also need to incorporate code requirements, such as the location of outlets in a kitchen or distance in front of a toilet.

After the spatial design is complete, Jason turns over his plans to a team of interior design professionals. J. Carsten’s clients work with a lead interior designer to put together a big picture plan, which might include cabinet color, tile or flooring, wall colors, and how other finishes coordinate together. In most cases, that means matching new materials to existing home features (i.e., nearly all of our clients have oak in their homes).

After the overall plan is assembled, most of our clients visit showrooms to make selections with the assistance of interior designers. This typically includes cabinets, countertops, appliances, plumbing fixtures, tile, or flooring.

Some of our clients prefer to make all of their remodeling selections in one location. In this case, the lead designer, in addition to creating a big picture plan, pulls together most of the selections instead of clients visiting each showroom themselves.

Once final selections are made, all the information is sent to the J. Carsten office. We then go over the details to make sure everything is in place and ensure materials are ordered in an efficient manner.

75% of the work for a great space happens before the remodel ever starts. The remaining 25% of the work is the actual construction.

As you may have guessed, not all jobs go precisely as planned. We might find a pipe in a wall that’s getting removed. Water damage could crop up in an area where it wasn’t previously visible. Or we could even discover a rodent problem in the walls (yes, this really happened).

This is when experience and training are essential. The ability to change on the fly and adjust the plan is critical to keep on schedule and on budget. In these scenarios, we know excellent client communication is essential for solving problems and ensuring a fantastic customer experience.

Once your project is complete, J. Carsten Remodeling follows up to make sure everything is working as it should and to check if anything needs attention. Our goal is to be your contractor for life, not just one remodel.

Want to talk to Jason or learn more about our process? Get in touch with him anytime!

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