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Getting Ready for a 2018 Remodel

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The new year has arrived, and you’ve decided it’s finally time to take on that long-desired remodeling project! Now that it’s time to get serious, you’re equal parts excited and overwhelmed. First of all; know that your reaction is normal. We have yet to meet a client that isn’t a mix of anxious anticipation and confusing lists of questions. An expert contractor expects this and will happily address your concerns and guide you through the process – it’s our job, after all.

So, how do you begin to prepare for your remodel? Read on below for our best preliminary advice and planning tips. And please, don’t be shy about getting in touch if you’re ready to get things rolling!

Research and Preferences
Hopefully, this will be the fun part. Simply put, the first steps of any remodel are discerning what you like and who to hire. Visit events like the Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase, collect your favorite spaces on Houzz and Pinterest, browse design showrooms, or save ideas from your favorite magazine inspiration. Take note of which colors, finishes, materials, trends, and styles you love (or can’t stand).

Budget the Possibilities
After you’ve started figuring out what interests you, it’s time to get practical and talk budgets. It’s wise to have realistic budget expectations and ideas in mind before you partner with a contractor or designer. However, preliminary design meetings with an experienced professional can also help you narrow down a more firm project budget.

Find a Professional
Once you have some initial ideas in mind, it’s time to find a contractor! We recommend asking friends and family for contacts or searching on NARI or Houzz for seasoned professionals with client reviews. At J. Carsten we begin any potential partnership with a simple phone call to discuss ideas and see if we’d be a good team. Next, Jason will set up a time to meet at your home to review your space and project goals.

Extra Advice
Lastly, a word of general advice, don’t be afraid to ask all of your questions. This is no time to be shy. The person you work with will be spending a lot of time in your home, communicating with you daily, and making massive changes to your greatest investment. Take the time to get to know them and feel comfortable – you should feel confident about the person remodeling your home.

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