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Get Ready! 6 Ways to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel

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You’ve dreamed and planned for months, but it’s finally time, you’re taking the plunge and upgrading your kitchen! After carefully scouting out an experienced contractor, you’ve signed on the dotted line and are closing in on demo day. Your kitchen being out of commission is a looming reality now. Panic starts to set in, with dread following close behind. Where do all of our dishes go? How will we eat? What do we do with all of this stuff?

Calm down, friends. Take a deep breath. We’ve got your back! Our team has been helping families re-tool their kitchens for years, and we’ve learned a few things along the way. Before you resign yourself to months of nonstop takeout, read through our kitchen remodel survival tips!

1. Start Packing. Spread the news, ask everyone you know to save extra boxes and newspapers for you. Then stock up on packing tape and sharpies and devote as much time as you need to getting things stowed away. Categorize and organize as you pack, it will save you lots of time and frustration later!

2. Leave Out the Necessities. Prioritize what gets stowed away, leave out anything you can’t live without for months at a time. Coffee maker? Definitely a keeper! Waffle maker? We’re guessing you can probably go a few months without waffles for brunch.

3. Set-Up a Temporary Kitchen. Find a spot that’s away from the hustle and bustle of construction and set-up your temporary kitchen base there. A few places that might make the most sense could be the basement mini bar, a spare bedroom, or an underused home office.

4. Stock Up on Paper Products. Disposable dishes are your best friend and saving grace during any kitchen remodel! Paper products might not be especially eco-friendly, but unless you want to wash dishes in the laundry room or basement each day, they’re a necessary evil.

5. Get a Crock Pot. If you don’t already own a crockpot, now would definitely be the time to invest in one. Start scouring Pinterest and the blogosphere for ideas, there are endless crock pot recipes online these days, take advantage of them!

6. Donate Forgotten Cookware. A remodel is the perfect opportunity to do a little early spring cleaning! While you’re packing away all that cookware, take the time to sort through what you want and what you need. Donate what’s leftover, you’ll be glad you did!

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