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Fresh Air During Your Remodel

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Remodeling fills your home with a lot of things: a crew, construction materials, tools and equipment, and unfortunately a fair share of dust. While a little mess and inconvenience is expected with any home improvement project, excessive dust or exposure to harmful substances should not be consequences of your remodel. A responsible contractor should have processes in place to protect your belongings, and more importantly ensure your family’s ongoing health and safety.

The most basic protection for any remodel are well placed dust barriers. These plastic coverings are used both to shield your belongings and to provide separation between construction and the rest of your home. Contractors and their crew shouldn’t be roaming through parts of your home they aren’t working on anyway, barriers can help clearly mark off areas where you expect privacy.

It’s also wise to discuss any cleanliness or health concerns with any contractor before you hire them. Access your space together and address potential issues, for example, if your kitchen is being renovated, ask how they plan to remove the old cabinets. Perhaps materials could travel through a screen door or window instead of the far-off front door? The shortest path with the least mess should always prevail; a good contractor will help you find these solutions.

At J. Carsten Remodeling we care deeply about providing exemplary service, and we know that includes prioritizing your health. We recently started using Build Clean dust control systems at each of our job sites. The machine runs 24/7 during construction to collect particles from the air – the difference we’ve seen in air quality and dust control has been unmatched. This system eliminates 90% of airborne dust, transforming remodeling zones into livable spaces again. Helping better your home is our mission, but never at the expense of your well-being, we take great pride in doing our job well.

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