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Fall Remodelers Showcase Recap

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What a whirlwind! The Twin Cities Fall Remodelers Showcase is already in the rearview mirror, and J. Carsten’s owner, Jason, is thankful for a busy weekend. Roughly 180 people in total stopped by his Lakeville kitchen remodel. Jason loved getting the chance to play tour guide and chat with as many visitors as possible!

In case you didn’t get the opportunity to explore or are curious about what a remodeler’s days look like during the tour, we asked Jason a few questions about how his weekend went. Scroll below to read his answers and learn his Showcase weekend snack of choice! (Necessary info, right?)

What question were you asked the most?
The most common question I received was, how do you transition from new wood cabinets to the existing (usually honey oak) millwork in the house? Answer: we will typically replace the millwork around the major windows and doors in the space (a kitchen sink window for example). But in almost all cases, it’s not feasible to replace all of the millwork in the house or area. In that situation, we will often butt the old millwork up to the new cabinets versus trying to match finishes exactly.

What element of the kitchen did visitors like the best?
People were most partial to the large porcelain floor tiles and the twelve-and-a-half foot long center island. (It does tend to make an impression!) 

What snacks did you eat? (Super serious question.)

Did anyone you know stop in to say hello? 
Yes. In fact, the past client (I redid their Lakeville bathroom) who referred me to the showcase homeowners came by to visit!

Did you enjoy acting as a tour guide?
Yes, however, it is tiring to be on your feet all day, every day for an entire weekend.

What was your favorite part of this event?
I expected to see a lot of younger people but was pleasantly surprised at the number of retired folks that came out to tour. It’s always fun to chat with more seasoned homeowners too!

Any other fun stories from the weekend?
Brenda, a friend of J. Carsten who was helping during the Showcase, opened the door to one of the upper cabinets to reveal a built-in spice rack and commented, “This is really well thought out!” My answer was, “Thanks, that is my job after all.”

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