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Fall Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase Q&A

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The Fall Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase begins in less than a week, and we can’t wait to share this lovely home. To tide us over until next weekend, we quizzed our fearless leader, Jason, on his favorite features of this home and his typical home tour day. Read his answers below!

What do you enjoy most about home tour weekends?
I love meeting people who have never thought of remodeling or doing what we did for that project (for example, removing the wall in this kitchen).

Do tour days have a typical flow?
Tour Fridays are usually a little slow, which is why it’s a good time to come for our HomeBrew tastings! Less traffic = more beer to enjoy!

What kind of homebrew’s can people look forward to?
We are thinking of offering a Mango Chinook IPA, Ginger La Petite Orange (Belgian Dubbel), Oatmeal Stout, and a Cream Ale. However, the beer list will vary based on what’s available.

Any favorite features from your showcase home?
My favorite things are the backyard shed and the wood living room ceiling with LED uplighting that changes color.

What was the most challenging aspect of this remodel?
Determining the layout of the kitchen was the biggest challenge. When we decided to remove the wall, there was a load bearing post that needed to stay. So, we had to design around keeping that structure. It was also tricky to decide what to do under the kitchen windows. We ended up creating a beautiful custom bench with storage; it utilizes what could have been an awkward space perfectly!

What inspired the fun ceiling accent lighting?
The original living room lighting was halogen lights that were not efficient or effective. When we decided to change the ceiling, we wanted to do something fun. I saw an idea in a Cambria Magazine (see photo below) for a home in Kohler, WI. We aimed for a similar look but adding uplighting using a color changing LED strip for an even more bold effect. The lights actually make a great night light too!

What style is this home?
I’d call it a four-level split with modern looks 😉

Anything else you want to say about this home?
The main goal was to remove the Honey Oak color from the home. So far, we’ve remodeled most of the home and just have a few more rooms to go!

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