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If there’s one aspect of home ownership that’s universally despised it’s got to be paying the bills. Few home expenses are less glamorous or more tedious. Budgeting for heat, air conditioning, water, electric, and gas use is the biggest mindset shift that occurs after leaping from renting to home ownership. Gone are the blissful days of landlord covered utilities. In its place are a bevy of new concerns.

If living off the grid isn’t an option to escape your monthly bills – rest assured there’s another option! There are many simple changes you can make that will help increase your home’s efficiency and lower your recurring expenses. Don’t waste your hard-earned income on bloated bills a moment longer; give one of these efficiency-minded updates a try!

Update Lightbulbs. Replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with energy saving CFL or LED bulbs is a no brainer. Switching is easy as reaching for a different box the next time you’re at the store. Just remember, don’t spend a small fortune changing out every lamp in the house at once. Simply replace old bulbs as they burn out, you’ll get them all changed over time without wasting what you’ve already spent money on.

Buy New Windows. Old and inefficient windows are a huge hindrance to lowering your energy bills. Leaking heat or air conditioning is as bad as throwing away your money – you are literally paying for something that is being wasted! Newer windows are designed for greater cost savings, and are a lasting update that will add value to your home.

Energy Efficient Appliances. Another excellent area for improvement are your home’s appliances. Huge strides have been made in recent years to improve and incentivize replacing inefficient household appliances. A new fridge, washer, or AC unit my be pricey, but there are many tax credits available to offset the cost of updating. Check out the EPA’s Energy Star website to begin your appliance search!

Add Insulation. A staggering amount of homes are lacking sufficient insulation. Adding new or improved insulation to your home is big way to save money. Heat naturally flows to cooler areas, which means your home could be working against you throughout the seasons. You could be spending money trying to heat your living room, only to have it escape through your freezing uninsulated attic. Or spend all summer running the AC only to have the cool air seep outside.

Install a Programable Thermostat. New thermostat technology is a game-changer. A programable thermostat puts you in control of the exact temperature of your home during specific windows of time. The heat or air conditioning can then be adjusted to your family’s schedule, which means no more wasting precious resources heating or cooling an empty house!

Tasking yourself with improving your home’s efficiency can be a big project – we know! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the details, requirements, or planning involved, give us a call. We’re happy to take the stress off of your shoulders and help get you on the path to energy efficient savings. Don’t waste any more of your income on inflated bills or misplaced resources. Make these simple switches and start saving that extra money for fun future home projects instead. (Incidentally, we can help you with those someday too!)

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