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Design Trends: Family-Centered Dining Rooms

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Writing a blog about family-centered dining rooms may sound redundant, but the once underutilized dining room is finally getting more design love. As floor plans have become more open and flowing, the desire for more formal or single-use spaces has dwindled. While some still favor the traditional dining room, more and more they’re being reimagined as all-purpose, welcoming, family-friendly places.

If you’re planning a forthcoming kitchen, dining, or great room remodel, below are our top tips for creating a family-centered space for enjoying meals together.

Flexible Seating.
Want a dining room that’s ready for all manner of family events and activities? Then adding flexible seating areas should be at the top of your renovation list. A built-in breakfast nook, wet bar, or adjacent island are all excellent spots to seat more guests or serve buffet-style. You’ll never regret giving yourself more hosting options and seating arrangements! After all, current hosting trends are about relaxing the rules to offer your guest a more welcoming atmosphere.

Strategic Center Islands.
If you’re lucky enough to work with an open floor plan with a center island, then use it to your advantage! Customize your island around how you entertain. Add features or storage that cater to your day-to-day and special occasion needs. For example, you might consider a mini bar for hosting game-day parties, a charging drawer to keep family devices out of sight, or a hidden appliance garage for storing your mixer when it’s not cookie baking season. 

Durable Finishes.
Our last recommendation for ensuring a family-minded dining space is to select finishes that will stand the test of time. Remember, most parties or holiday celebrations will include people of all ages and body types, so your space should accommodate a diverse crowd. Who wants to worry about chipped granite, scuffed floors, or damaged paint? Choose dining room finishes that will hold up when sticky little fingers get mischievous, or when that Superbowl party gets a little rowdy – avoid the excess stress!

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