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5 Design Tips to Create a Cozy Home This Winter

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Another Midwest winter is here, and for many, that means getting ready to hunker down at home until warmer weather arrives. If you’re the type that prefers to hibernate your way through the snow, we’ve got you covered! Scroll below for five easy ways to create a cozy home you love this winter!

Break Out the Flannel

It’s no secret that the Midwest has some of the coldest winters around. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to up the cozy factor in your home during the winter. One of our favorites is swapping out lightweight bedding with soft and cuddly options. Think flannel sheets topped with a thick comforter or duvet. You can even throw a heated blanket in the mix for those extra chilly nights!

Make It Toasty

Nothing says warm and cozy quite like gathering around the fireplace. Whether snuggling up on the couch for family movie night or gathering with guests for the holidays, a fireplace creates an ambiance that can’t be beaten!

Bring the Outdoors In

Adding greenery to your home is an easy way to embrace the winter season. Flowers, plants, wreaths, and garlands are all festive choices for adding warmth. Greenery can also be dressed up with ornaments, bows, and other embellishments, depending on your style and preferences.

Design In Layers

Throwing on a sweater or extra pair of socks can make a big difference during the cold winter months. The same can be said for your home! Layering rugs, blankets, or decor can create warmth without adding clutter to your space. Not sure where to start? Try layering a boldly colored or patterned rug with a more neutral option. You can also layer pillows and throws in different styles and textures to add visual interest and dimension.

Add Seasonal Scents

Our sense of smell is a powerful thing; certain scents can become imprinted in our minds, evoking special memories every time we smell them. Fresh baked cookies, the crisp smell of balsam — whatever it may be, incorporating your favorite seasonal scents is a great way to make your home smell good and create scent memories this winter.

Photo Credit: Sweta Meininger on Unsplash 

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