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Design Details: Why Lighting Matters

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It’s not necessarily the top remodeling concern on any homeowner’s list. However, virtually no space is usable without the right lighting. Think about it a for a minute; lighting helps determine the mood of almost any area in your home. You might crave a softly lit master bathroom for unwinding, a bright and warm kitchen to welcome guests and prepare meals, or a mostly dim, but strategically lit media room for enjoying movies or the big game. The relationship with light sets the tone of each room listed above.

Moving past practicality, light fixtures are also an opportunity to make a statement about your style. The days of homes having identical dome lights in every room are long past! A glitzy chandelier might set an elegant formal dining room scene. Traditional sconces could create a classy and professional home office. And a bold and modern accent light may be the perfect touch to liven up a large entryway. Lighting is the icing on the cake; it’s the final touch that ties things together or the showstopper that makes an impression.

The best part is, no matter what your taste or design goals may be, there’s a fixture somewhere that will fit your vision. Fun and flashy accent lights is a trend that isn’t fading anytime soon! Plus, the beauty of the internet is that you can track down any unique piece or obscure style – you just need to do some hunting. In need of some serious lighting inspiration for your remodel? Browse through more of our favorite client fixture choices – we think you’ll find their picks illuminating!

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