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Creating a Welcoming Guest Bathroom

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Creating a Welcoming Guest Bathroom

Most people agree on the necessity of having a hospitable guest bedroom in their home, but have you considered the importance of creating a welcoming guest bathroom?

The bathroom is the most intimate room in any home. It’s where you get ready for the day. The first room you’re in every single morning, and the last room you’re in every night. Knowing that your guests will spend ample time in the guest bathroom, below are six tips to make their stay comfortable and memorable.

1. Lock and Key

First and foremost any guest bathroom should be private, which means that a locking door is an absolute necessity. No one wants an awkward bathroom run-in, especially when you’re trying to make someone feel at ease in your home. Locks are an especially good idea if you have little ones at home that aren’t as aware of social boundaries yet.

2. A Good Scrub

The next important step in creating a welcoming guest bathroom is a thorough cleaning. Nothing makes a guest feel more like an afterthought than having to use a filthy bathroom. Plus, let’s admit it, there is nothing more gross than a dirty bathroom. Remember though, many people are sensitive or even allergic to scented cleaning products, so be sure to use something mild or unscented.

3. Fresh Linens

Fresh, clean towels are a must for any guest bathroom. Be sure to provide enough towels for each of your guests, including extra washcloths and hand towels. If your guests will be staying for an extended period, think about providing a new towel every few days. You could also leave hotel style towel instructions, robes, and slippers to make your guests feel extra fancy and pampered!

4. Hotel Style Toiletries

Who doesn’t love staying at a hotel and receiving free toiletries? Besides getting to sample fun new products, free toiletries can also be a total life-saver if you happened to forget your shampoo, toothpaste, or razor. The next time you stay at hotel, take home any samples you don’t use and save them for your guest bathroom stash.

5. Stock the Vanity

Nothing is more embarrassing than staying in a new place and accidentally clogging the toilet. Help your guests avoid having to ask for a plunger, and stock the vanity with any basic bathroom supplies they might need. Things to include might be, extra toilet paper (lots!), hand soap, tissues, Q-Tips, and simple first aid supplies.

6. Personal Touches

Last but not least, put your own personal touch on your guest bathroom. Provide fresh flowers, write your guests a sweet welcome note, leave behind a breakfast order form for the next morning, or buy a silly bath toy if you’re hosting children. Hospitality is all about making your guests feel welcome, but it’s also an expression of your unique home and personality, so be yourself and have fun!

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