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Contractor Q&A: Remodeling Basics with Jason

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If you’re considering a remodel, the first step is often the biggest: finding a contractor you trust. It’s such a personal decision – this person and their crew will be spending a lot of time in your home! You need to be able to trust their judgment, skills, and instincts, but it is also helpful to connect and feel comfortable with your contractor.

In that spirit, we thought it was time to give you another glimpse at the face behind J. Carsten Remodeling, our owner Jason Myrlie. Read on to learn more about Jason’s remodeling process, how he collaborates with clients, and a few other fun tidbits about him!

What does a typical day on-site look like for you?
Most mornings start with meeting trade partners to walk through the scope of their projects. It’s my job to ensure all of my collaborators know the bigger picture of what we’re trying to accomplish.

What’s your approach to trade partners – how do you vet them?
Our trade partners meet strict insurance and contract requirements, and we share long-term affiliations with many of them.

How do you tackle unexpected challenges during projects?
The first step is doing my homework! I investigate the home’s electrical, plumbing, heating, and framing as we design a plan. Whether the changes are big or small, we prioritize keeping clients informed about all adjustments and redesigns. We always communicate up-front to clients that there will probably be a few surprises, and we will tackle them as we go.

What’s your client communication mindset?
I do job site management for every project – all homeowner communication happens directly through me. I try to provide pertinent info daily and weekly for clients; that way, we don’t drop the ball or misunderstand each other on the big things!

How do you respect your client’s space?
I communicate clearly and early to let homeowners know the timeline of when rooms will be “off-limits.” To further protect client property, we seal off any areas close to where we’re building. As far as cleanliness, we use the Build Clean dust collection system while all work is being done, which helps us catch as much dust as possible and keep messes under control.

How do you stay on a budget for projects?
Our clients set the budget for their projects. My job is to help clients determine what budget is realistic for their renovation goals.

What dream finish or upgrade would you add to your home?
My bucket list upgrades would include adding a four-season porch, deck, and fireplace to my backyard.

What is your all-time favorite meal?
It would have to be pizza. Pizza is still my go-to meal of choice, even after working at Carbone’s Pizza for over six years through high school and college.

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