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Bathroom Remodeling 101

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If you’re contemplating a bathroom remodel in the near future, there are a lot of questions to ponder. From little changes to all-out redesigns, tackling bathroom projects can be a piece of cake or a real headache. If you’re new to the improvement game, here’s our best advice for taking on a bathroom renovation. And remember, give us a call if you’re ready to bring in the pros!

What Goes Where? Layout design is possibly the most important aspect of bathroom design. Since they’re often small, compact spaces, having an efficient and practical bathroom floorplan is of the utmost importance. One top designer tip: be mindful of toilet placement, it’s hardly the first thing anyone wants to see when they walk into any room!

DIY or Don’t? When it comes to bathroom remodeling, deciphering whether or not to embark on the DIY path is a matter of your skills and comfort level. If you or someone else you know and trust is particularly handy, then we say go for it, bathrooms are small spaces after all! A few projects that are easier to master on your own: installing a new toilet, fixtures, or freshening up a paint job.

Plan for Moisture. One major piece of advice we’d like to offer about bathroom renovation? Plan around moisture. Bathrooms are often wet, foggy, and busy little rooms. Make sure to incorporate multiple features that allow for steam and moisture to escape the room, such as vents or windows.

Tub Vs. Shower. Perhaps the greatest debate to settle during your bathroom remodel is picking a bathtub or shower. If you’re working with a spacious master suite, then you can easily go with both. However, if saving space is your aim, then it’s probably wiser to choose which option you’ll use day-to-day.

Make Creative Swaps. Accurate measurements are your compass to any interior remodel, but they are even more important for smaller rooms. If you’re working with a pint-sized bathroom, try making creative swaps to maximize every inch of your square footage. Consider something like a corner vanity sink, changing your tub or shower, or adding creative storage.

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