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Ask a Contractor: What’s Your Remodeling Process?

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To continue our new Q&A series with Jason, we wanted to focus on asking him more questions about his remodeling process. This week he filled us in on everything from what a typical day on-site looks like, tackling unexpected challenges, and how he finds his trade partners.

What does a typical remodeling day (on-site) look like for you? Most mornings start with meeting trade partners on-site to walk through the scope of their projects, which is particularly important for demolition, framing, plumbing and electrical work. We have to make sure we are working within the walls or spaces that clients want us in (or don’t want us in). It’s my job to ensure that all of my collaborators know the bigger picture of what we’re trying to accomplish.

What’s your approach to trade partners – who do you work with – how do you vet them? Our trade partners meet strict insurance and contract requirements, we share long-term affiliations with many of them, and they’re respected and established in their industries. In fact, on a recent remodeling job, the plumber walked into the client’s home and knew the original builder and the house model number. (Impressive considering the home’s 90’s build date!)

How do you tackle changes or unexpected challenges during projects? The first step is doing my homework before the job starts. This research involves investigating the home’s electrical, plumbing, heating, and framing as we develop a design plan. Of course, something unexpected inevitability comes up during most renovations! We always communicate up-front to clients that there will probably be a few changes or surprises, and we will tackle them as we go. Most changes involve a little tweak here or there; some larger ones will involve a designer creating new options or plan adaptations. Either way, we prioritize keeping clients informed about all adjustments and redesigns.

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