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All About Paint: From Colors to Finishes

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Although it may appear to be one of the least pressure-packed decisions in the remodeling process, landing on the perfect paint color isn’t quite so straightforward. Color plays a huge role in how we respond to our surroundings. Affecting everything from mood to appetite, it’s a make or break element of design!

Color Helps Set the Tone.

Color can be calm or stimulating, bold or subtle, welcoming or mysterious, natural or extravagant. It can provide contrast, brightness, accents, or balance. In the hands of a cunning designer, it’s a powerful tool! Certain colors even shape cultural identities. Think about it, entire regions of the world are synonymous with hyper-specific tones. From the bright blue rooftops of the Greek Islands to the warm yellow walls of Tuscany; certain colors have inseparable historical origins and significance. Not to say that personal meaning shouldn’t factor into paint choices, but maybe think twice before painting your peaceful bedroom an electric shade of red – you may never get to sleep!

Thoughtfully Navigate Tone Trends.

Unfortunately, interior home colors aren’t immune to passing trends. From the pastel, toned appliances of the 50’s to the 70’s burnt orange shag carpets; color can define certain eras. For a more current example, one only needs to look as far as the rising influence of greige in home decor. Obviously, what’s popular isn’t inherently distasteful. In the same vein, just because something is trending, doesn’t mean it will suit your style or work in your home’s setting. Ultra modern furnishings probably won’t jive well in a log cabin, right? Borrow what you like from fads that will flatter and enhance your space!

Discern Finishes with Traffic Patterns.

The greatest tool at your aid when selecting paint finishes is your home’s typical traffic patterns. Some finishes are going to be more forgiving, easier to clean and hold up better to everyday wear and tear. High sheen paints, such as Satin Enamel, Semi-Gloss Enamel, and High-Gloss Enamel, will stand the test of time in heavily used areas. These finishes are more impervious to moisture, high traffic, and repeated washing. They’re ideal for kitchens, entryways, mudrooms, and main hallways. In the middle of the spectrum is Eggshell Enamel, with its softer appearance it’s ideal for moderately busy places like living rooms, dens, and rec rooms. Flat and Matte finishes are the least reflective of paint options, both are best suited to low traffic areas, such as bedrooms, offices, and even ceilings.

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