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Affordable Changes to Refresh Your Kitchen

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If you’re living with an out-of-date kitchen, we have a sneaking suspicion that a total overhaul is one of your renovation fantasies. We also know that for some folks, it’ll still be a long ways off before that dream becomes a reality. Finances or timing may stand in the way of remodeling for you right now, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t changes you can make in the meantime. There are endless ways to transform the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank – read on below to discover a few our favorites!

New knobs or hardware. Handles, knobs, and hardware may seem insignificant, but it’s amazing what updating them can do to improve a room’s style! Plus, there are so many more hardware options available now! Much like everything else in modern kitchens they’ve become incredibly personalized and diverse. We’re sure this easy weekend project will help you fall more in love with your current kitchen!

Fresh paint. Nothing breathes new life into any space like a fresh coat of paint! Color plays a huge part in how our environment affects our mood. You’d be amazed at how much a new tone could change your feelings about your tired kitchen! Particularly if you’re merely tolerating an odd paint choice made by the pervious owners of your home.

Fun light fixtures. Kitchen light fixtures are another design element that’s dramatically changed in recent years. No style is considered off limits, and there is literally an option out there for every possible taste! A new light fixture is a fantastic way to mix-up a room’s vibe, add a fun pop of personality, or brighten a neglected corner.

Change-up the shelving. Another clever option for making your old kitchen feel like new is to give your shelving a makeover. Open or floating wall shelves have become a massively popular current kitchen fad. They’re an easy way to make a room feel more spacious, while also showing off serving dishes, treasured keepsakes, or stylish cook ware.

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