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5 Ways We Show Our Clients We Care

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J. Carsten Remodeling How We Show Our Clients We Care

When it comes to remodeling your home, there are plenty of remodeling contractors to choose from. Yet, not every remodeling contractor is the right one for your project. There are many things to consider: qualifications, cost, client testimonials, and remodeling processes. At J. Carsten Remodeling, we strive to not only meet but to exceed expectations in all aspects. Our team is composed of highly-skilled professionals with the experience and knowledge to tackle a wide array of projects. But, that’s not all—we also make it a point to show our clients we care. Keep reading to find out how.

1. We Go the Extra Mile

It’s important to us that every job is done the right way—and we’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen. Sometimes that means working on a Saturday. Other times it can mean anything from painting skirt boards because the carpet arrived before the painters were scheduled to remove and install new subfloor because the flooring installers weren’t booked until later in the week. If it helps the project stay on schedule and meet our standard of quality, we’re willing to go the extra mile.

2. We Protect Your Home

We understand that remodeling your home can be a test of patience. Throughout the project, your home will be filled with a lot of things: a crew, construction materials, tools and equipment, and a fair share of dust. While these things are expected with any home improvement project, that doesn’t make them any less inconvenient. To make the remodeling process easy on your family, we do our best to protect your home throughout each stage of the project. Our team uses a Build Clean Dust Collector to protect your belongings and home from the messiness of construction.

3. We Keep Communication Simple

At J. Carsten Remodeling, we keep communication simple throughout each phase of the project. Unlike many other companies, you have just one point of contact—our owner, Jason. This ensures that nothing is lost in translation throughout the project. From design to planning to construction to warranty, everything stays organized and on track. While the project is underway, you will likely see Jason every day. In fact, you might get so used to having him around that you’ll miss him when the project is over!

4. We Consider Your Pets

Remodeling your home requires quite a bit of planning. There are schedules and precautions to take into consideration, and we prioritize the safety and wellbeing of everyone who calls the job-site home. That includes the homeowner’s furry friends. After all, they’re part of the family! Before work begins, we’ll ask you about your pets and arrange to have them out of the house or sequestered in a different area of the home. Most of the time that means securing cats in a separate room or letting dogs hang out in the yard for the day.

5. We Stay on Schedule

Our team values your time and life, so we do our best to keep the project on schedule. While setbacks may occur due to shipping delays and other unexpected issues, we do what we can to keep the timeline intact. If something does come up, Jason will notify you right away and offer a solution to minimize the delay as much as possible.

If the ways we show our clients we care sound like a good fit for your next remodeling project, feel free to get in touch with our team. We’d love to help you transform your home!

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