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5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

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Have you been dreaming of a newly remodeled kitchen but aren’t quite sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! J. Carsten Remodeling has renovated our fair share of kitchens, and it’s safe to say we’re experts at identifying the latest and greatest in kitchen design trends. Scroll below to get the details on five kitchen design trends our clients and team are loving in 2020!

Custom Kitchen Layouts

In the last few years, kitchen remodeling has shifted away from traditional layouts of upper cabinets, lower cabinets, center island, and integrated appliances. Today’s kitchen is all about creating a place that’s uniquely yours. Whether it’s an open-plan adjacent to the dining area, open shelving, or other custom features, you’re free to imagine a space that fits your specific wants and needs. If you can dream it, we can design it!

Creative Storage & Improved Functionality

Storage and functionality have come a long way in recent years. If you’re going to remodel your kitchen, it’s a great idea to check out what’s new and how it can benefit your project. Cabinet manufacturers have gone above and beyond ordinary storage drawers and now offer things like soft-close cabinetry, innovative spice shelves, and so much more!

Smart Tech & Appliances

Modern-day kitchen design is a tech lover’s dream! Think hands-free faucets, smart-phone connected meat thermometers, sensor-activated lights, and whole-home technology systems. New smart technology and appliances are added to the market every year, so the options are pretty endless. Not super tech-savvy? We still think smart tech is still worth exploring; you don’t want your remodel to be outdated before it’s even finished!

Upgraded Range Hoods

Range hoods have become a statement piece in current kitchen design. This trend is incredibly versatile, making it easy to find a style that complements your style. From modern chrome to rustic reclaimed wood, eye-catching range hoods are the perfect way to upgrade an area of the kitchen that’s often overlooked!

Bold Fixtures

Lighting is one of the most important finishing touches that can make or break a space. Aside from their purpose, light fixtures add to your kitchen’s overall design. Bold light fixtures are not only an excellent way to give your kitchen a little extra oomph but work wonders to delineate one space from the next. For example, you could add oversized pendant lights above the island and a pretty chandelier in the dining area to anchor each space.

At J. Carsten Remodeling, our goal is to build a kitchen that works for you — trends or not. Get in touch to learn more about working with our award-winning team. For an extra dose of inspiration, be sure to check out our kitchen photo gallery!

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