Cambi the Dragon Gets Lots of Hugs: A Heartwarming Story to Start Your New Year

When Jason sat down to enjoy a Maverick vs Gophers hockey game a couple months back, he was surprised to notice a little girl sitting in front of him holding a stuffed dragon with the Cambria logo on it.  When he asked about it, the little girl’s mom replied “It really is her favorite and comes everywhere we allow her to take it. She even brought it with her into surgery when she had her tonsils removed in March.”

Not your average stuffed dragon indeed!  This little guy was extra special.

As it looked a little worn-thin, Jason decided to connect with his Cambria rep and see if a new dragon could be found.  Sure enough, a new “Cambi the dragon” was delivered to the little girl.

And since her reaction was priceless (& cute kiddos are lovable all around) we just had to share the pictures her mom sent on over to say thanks.

Dragon_HockeyGame_IMG_6819 copy

Here’s Maliah with her original Cambi (quite the trooper) at the hockey game.



Maliah with her new Cambi!  All snuggled in together.


Happy New Year everyone!  Don’t forget to hold the people (& dragons) that you love tight!