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2016 Kitchen Design Trends: 5 Kitchen Remodel Trends That Top This Year’s List  |  Kitchen Remodeler Twin Cities MN

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As the new year begins, some kitchen design trends are setting themselves ahead of the pack.  Whether your style is timeless or modern, one of these five kitchen remodel trends for 2016 is bound to resonate with you.

Kitchen Trends 2016 | J Carsten Remodeling Twin Cities MN

  1. Going Gray:  While white is still the most popular kitchen cabinet color for new remodels, predictions show that gray is coming up as a fast second.  This neutral tone goes well with both wood-tones and blacks so it allows for lots of versatility.  Select a light gray for an airy look, or a darker one for something more urban or sophisticated.  Creating a two-tone effect with white cabinets on top and gray on bottom is a refreshing new combo.  Take a peek at some gray and white kitchen combos here.
  2. Farmhouse Flair:  In kitchens of all styles, the farmhouse sink continues to gain ground.  In addition to providing a sense of timeless style, farmhouse sinks are especially deep and convenient for washing or filling pots and pans.  If mainstream white isn’t for you, trends in these apron-front sinks include new shades as well — think beige, granite, or even bright colors!  See more on farmhouse sinks here.
  3. Must-Have Functionality:  If you’re going to remodel, it’s well worth checking into what’s new in the realm of storage and functionality.  Outdoing even themselves, cabinet manufacturers are offering way more than just storage drawers.  Whether it’s hydraulic, easy-close cabinets or innovative spice shelves, there’s likely a solution for your storage need.  Check out more functional kitchen storage ideas here.
  4. Illumination Innovation:  The beauty of a kitchen is largely accented by it’s choice of light fixtures.  With more and more kitchens including the sought-after island, using creative pendants or drop-down chandeliers over this space has become a mainstay and will continue to rise in popularity.  You can add a big dose of style when you select statement-making light fixtures for the kitchen.  Find some more kitchen lighting ideas here.
  5. Automation & Technology:  Modern day kitchens might not quite be Jetsons-approved, but futuristic-inspired technology is definitely here to stay.  User-friendly hands-free faucets (like these from Moen) are just one common addition, especially helpful for cooks with sticky hands.  Sensor activated lights, smart-phone connected meat thermometers, and whole-home technology systems connected through the kitchen are a few more examples.  You might not need a tech-heavy kitchen, but you’ll definitely want to look into your options to make sure your new remodel isn’t outdated before it’s even finished!

At J. Carsten Remodeling, we focus on building a kitchen that works for you, trends or no trends.  With meticulous design and intricate work, our personal service makes our clients happy time and time again.  Read more about what our Twin Cities kitchen remodel homeowners have to say here.  

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