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Top 12 Tips for Preparing for Home Remodel | Kitchen Remodel Where to Start?As a homeowner, we know that even thinking about a kitchen remodel is a big deal!  As you begin moving forward,  being prepared will give you peace of mind and make your experience down the road more relaxed.  Here are 12 things you can do to prepare for a smooth kitchen remodel:

  1. Evaluate your Needs — Which things absolutely need change? Do you need more storage?  Are there safety hazards in your room?  Do you need to open up space for entertaining?  Updated appliances?  Note these needs, and separate them from your wish list.
  2. Gather your Project Ideas — Whether you want to use an online tool like houzz.com or pinterest.com, or simply cut images out of magazines, start gathering actual visual samples of what you like.  A picture truly is worth a thousand words when communicating your ideas later.
  3. Prioritize your Wish List — Go for it: plan out your dream kitchen — appliances, fixtures, and all the extras.  But then take a step back and evaluate which of these wish list items you’re ready to invest in no matter what, and which ones you might be willing to swap out if they’re hard to find or out of budget.  If you create a priority list now (especially with your spouse or any other decision makers by your side), making “hard” decisions later will be as simple as going back to look at your list.
  4. Start Reading Reviews — As you begin to compare remodelers and contractors, know that what their customers have to say is just as (or more) important than what they have to say.  Did they work on-schedule?  Did they leave the worksite clean?  Were there any communication concerns?  Find reviews on remodelers’ websites, as well as on their social media sites, like Facebook or houzz.
  5. Consider Your Budget — Be realistic in knowing what you’re willing and able to invest.  If your dream kitchen costs more than you were hoping, can you still move forward or do you need to cut from your wish list?  Talk through your budget range and begin looking for financing if necessary.  Understanding your return on investment (ROI) is also a valuable tool — you can learn more about what you can reap with your remodel investment by reading the Remodel Vs Cost Report 2015 here.
  6. Think About Your Timeline — Do you have a special event or holiday that you need your home remodeled by?  Do you have a particular season of the year when less is going on?  Think about these scheduling issues and allow yourselves plenty of time.
  7. Know Your Design Style — If you know the industry lingo it will be easier to communicate with your remodeler or designer.  Is your style traditional?  Contemporary?  Or transitional? (A mix of the two).  Read more about kitchen design styles in this article from houzz.
  8. Evaluate the Experts — Take time to meet with remodeling professionals as you decide which company will be the right fit for you.  Price is only one small factor to consider — personality, work-habits, timelines, trustworthiness, reputation and more will all play a part in who you trust with your home’s remodel.
  9. Don’t Forget Nearby Rooms — If you remodel your kitchen will the adjacent living or dining area be affected?  Do you need to make additional design or decor changes to give your home a natural style flow?
  10. Know your Measurements — Getting accurate measurements of your space will make all of your selections and ordering go smoothly.  You may want to run some rough measurements on your own so that you can provide accurate information to potential professionals, and then your contractor should take meticulous measurements before the begin your design.
  11. Sign that Contract — Having a clear and upfront contract with your remodeling professional will provide confidence that you’re off to a good start.  A contract provides both you and your contractor the chance to review everything you’ve talked about, as well as peace of mind that you’re on the same page.
  12. Prep Your Home for its Transformation — Prepare meals in advance that you can freeze and cook easily without all of your appliances.  Pack away unneeded items.  Consider storing breakable objects.  And take a deep breath — with the right contractor, you’re going to have a wonderful experience and an amazing new space in no time!

Here at J. Carsten Remodeling, our priority is to do everything well — from the actual remodel to the way we treat your pets and leave your home.  Keeping on-schedule isn’t just something we talk about, it’s something we actually do.  Check out our customer reviews here, and feel free to get in touch to hear more or share about your potential kitchen remodel!  Specializing in kitchen and bath remodels in the Twin Cities area, including Eagan, Inver Grove Heights, White Bear Lake, and more!

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