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10 Fun Facts About Jason – Your Average Guy

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We’ve featured a lot of Q&A sessions with our owner Jason this year, covering everything from his NARI Presidency to showcase events to pets! Today, we thought it would be fun to keep things simple and share a few fun facts about the man behind J. Carsten Remodeling.

So, let’s get started! Here are 10 tidbits about Jason Myrlie, business owner, and your average guy.

1. Family Man
Jason is married to his wife, Gina, and has two daughters, Lauren and Hanna.

2. Brew-Master
Jason has been brewing his own beer for over 17 years – his favorite beer is a hoppy IPA.

3. Gopher Fan
A true Minnesotan, Jason is hard-core Gopher Hockey fan; go Gophers!

4. Animal-Lover
Whether it’s your pet or his chocolate lab, Stella, Jason likes hanging out with people’s furry friends.

5. Naming Rights
Our company gets its moniker from Jason’s middle name, Carsten. He thought it flowed better than J. Myrlie Remodeling.

6. Oak Expert
Jason is no stranger to builder-grade Oak kitchen cabinets. In fact, he works with them on almost every job he tackles!

7. Thoughtful
From being on-site every day during remodels to keep your home as spotless as can be – Jason is a thoughtful and conscientious project manager.

8. Woodworker
In his free time, Jason enjoys woodworking – a pretty appropriate hobby for a builder, huh?

9. Sense of Humor
If you follow our Facebook page, then you’re already familiar with Jason’s goofy sense of humor. He’s always sharing funny photos and project stories.

10. Foodie
On the weekends, Jason and his wife Gina can often be found trying out new restaurants with friends. They love scoping out the best food in town!

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