About us

The Story Behind the Business

When Jason found himself working as a site supervisor in the home-building industry, following a job in food-quality and time in engineering school, he was astonished by how unorganized the construction industry could be.  Imperfections, messes, and lack of communication were prevalent; not at all what he was used to in other fields.

When the building company he initially worked for went out of business, Jason made the decision to go at it on his own. His biggest priority? Partnering with other detailed, concerned sub-contractors who would strive for the highest quality work. The best in the business.

Now, after a decade of building and remodeling homes, J. Carsten Remodeling is an established, reputable, and award-winning company.  Jason’s team of trade partners are still the very best. “We actually care. We show up on time, we clean up, we do what we say we will.  And we enjoy doing it.”

Meet Jason Myrlie

Owner Jason Myrlie is the one who makes sure everything goes right. His approach is detailed and analytical, yet balanced and creative. What else would you expect from a mechanical engineer turned nutritionist turned home builder? (It’s true).

On a personal note, Jason is married to Gina, has 2 daughters, Lauren & Hanna, a cat (actually it’s the girl’s cat, Jason just tolerates it) and a chocolate lab named Stella. He has been home-brewing for 13 years (and counting) and especially enjoys hoppy IPAs. He also enjoys woodworking and Gopher Hockey.

What’s In a Name?

One of the most common questions we get from our clients is where in the world our company’s name comes from! Here’s the scoop: it’s based on owner, Jason Myrlie’s full name. The J is fairly obvious, but Carsten is actually Jason’s middle name. No stranger to having his surname misspoken, Jason decided J. Carsten tripped off the tongue a bit more easily than J. Myrlie Remodeling.

An Award Winning Team

Of course, service and skill go hand in hand, and the awards won by J. Carsten Remodeling speak for themselves:

NARI Contractor of the Year – 3 time winner:  This NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) award recognizes design and innovative use of materials, judged by industry professionals including other remodelers, designers, and architects.

NARI Ace Award – 3 time winner: This award recognizes customer service as judged from past customers. Badge Awards: Best of Service Award, The Influencer Award, and The Recommended Award, given to top-rated remodelers.